Ostrich Meat Products
It is the healthiest alternative to all traditional meats. It has lower fat, lower calories and lower cholesterol than beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and even fish. In  short ostrich meat is a “red meat”, and similar in color and taste to beef, but has the nutrition value of white meat.


Ostrich Feather Precision Cleaning Products
Ostrich feathers are used to make feather dusters for cleaning fine machinery and equipment as well as for decorations, furniture stuffing and in the fashion industry. They also have a wide application in creative arts and has proved to be a very versatile and popular material.


Ostrich Feather Party Decorations




Ostrich Leather Bags and Accessories
Ostrich leather is currently used by many major fashion houses including Hermès, Prada, Gucci, andLouis Vuitton. The leather is used for a wide variety of products including jackets, bags, shoes, purses, caps, wallets and belts.


Ostrich Leather Shoes
A lot of fashion enthusiasts consider ostrich leather to be very luxurious and equal to (if not better than) snake or crocodile leather.


Ostrich Leather Garments
Ostrich skin (hide), with its characteristic and distinctive ‘goose bump’ look is a very high-quality, thick, soft and extremely durable leather product that fetches one of the highest prices in fashion shops and boutiques.


Ostrich Leather Furniture



Ostrich Egg Ornaments



Ostrich Feather Costumes