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pmAnywhere is an online application that provides essential project management tools, and lets you manage project information, processes and documentation with the help of user friendly forms, tools, guides and templates, to easily collaborate with team members and find information easily and quickly, while in the office or away from office.


NOTE: The downloadable templates are provided as quick and simple solutions and for reference only. Users are urged to edit the templates to suit local conditions. It is recommended that you REGISTER and/or LOGIN for more complex operations.

Being the first and the most crucial phase in the Project Life Cycle, pmAnywhere allows you to perfrom various tasks, such as select members of the project teams, grant access to pmAnywhere, create Client Brief, Design Brief, Project Brief, define project phases and zones, establich locations, and set up the scope of the project.

In initiation phase you will also set up your company and project environment, such as defining disciplines, evaluating add-ons, classifying stakeholders, enlisting nature of documentation, and creating measurement units your company generally deals with.

Registeration to pmAnywhere.co is absolutely free. All functions are available to teams of 4 members. More members can either request the support team for a special consideration for a period of 6 months or subscribe with available packages.


Defining a Project means enlisting deliverables, detailing scope of work, preparing specifications, centralising plans and drawings, enlisting applicable standards, preparing interface plans, planning resources, and performing basic value engineering studies.


Various tools allow to establish milestones, prepare quantity/ cost/ price estimates, make budgets, develop a WBS, produce activity schedules, visualise breakdowns, define resources, acquire resources, allocate resources and determine resource demands.


pmAnywhere bases all project management fuctions on the WBS. You can download WBS from .XER or CSV files. It lets you enlist all documents, scopes, briefs, and drawings not only for easy access but also lets you share with the team members for acquiring and consolidating reviews and comments.

A brief video provides a quick peek into the options available in the application.


Project Execution requires seamless communication. The Document control tool provides a structured way of receiving, storing, sharing and communicating all documents with the team members.
A tool is also available to record progress pictures in a searchable database.

A discussion tool allows to enlist issues or seek comments from the team. Topics can be created, and discussions details can be emailed directly from the discussion board to users. A tool is also provided to post comments for discussions and sharing glossaries with pmAnywhere community.


The QHSE Module provides preparation of Quality Plans, Procedures, Checklists and Inspections.

The Safety tool in the QHSE module allows to conduct and record safety observations.

A Risk Analysis tool is also provided with pmAnywhere where users can enlist risk descriptors, control elements, likelihoods, consequences and severities to identify and analyze risks.

The Milestones and Schedules created during the Planning and Definition phases could be used for evaulating Planned vs Actual. The analysis are used to monitor the progress and make necessary adjustments to Plans.


A simple cash/ expense reporting tool helps to save and view daily and monthly expences and revenues. Value Engineering tools and Risk Analysis can be used anytime for brainstorming and solving issues found during monitoring.

A simple Progress Report tool can be used to state status of activities against the WBS and activities. The report can assigned to a number of team members to provide inputs and can be sent to Document Control screens for consolidation.

Face to Face Meetings are the most efficient way of discussing and resolving issues. Tools are provided to log meetings, generate minutes and assign responsibilities with target dates.


A project overview tool allows to visualize the project status, indicators, and performance on a single screen, gathering data from various associated tools.

Registered Users of pmAnywhere only can choose to post topics for discussion for internal vieweing or public vieweing. Non-Users can view but have to register to post remarks.


pmAnywhere allows users to create complete or partial handover plans, enlist inclusions and exclusions from the Scope, select related WBS or drawings, and select stakeholders.


Punchlists can be created by all team members where related drawings, specifications, WBS and standards can be associated with the punchlist items. Users can also mantion if the punchlist item requires closure before handover.

Users can create internal discussions over punchlist items and post implementation remarks or files, email status to team members, to satisfy the ijitiators before they are marked closed or deferred. Punclists items can be searched, sorted by discipline, by initiator name, by status and by initaitors organisation.

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